Auto Accident Attorneys

Hurt in an Auto Accident? You may be entitled to a settlement. Find a Car Accident Attorney today!Personal injury attorneys typically focus on one type of personal injury claim, such as car accident injuries or medical malpractice. They also have experience in tort law, which involves civil litigation to recover financial damages in a settlement. The following are a few scenarios where you might consider hiring a personal injury lawyer to.At Auto Accident Attorneys, we represent clients all over Michigan. We can handle any type of accident involving. a motor vehicle. It does not matter how the accident happened, even if it was your fault or. even if it was a hit-and-run, it is our goal to get you the benefits and.Maietto attended Tuesday’s arguments before Supreme Court justices. His attorney, Joel Ard, argued the measure is not legal.When to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in the Insurance Claim Process by FreeAdvice staff You’ve seen the ads on television telling you to call an injury attorney if you’ve been injured in an accident and not to wait or you may lose your right to sue.Most car accident attorneys charge for their services in a fairly unique way-as opposed to the hourly fee that many firms charge in other types of cases. The typical car accident lawyer will charge a "contingency fee" to take on an injury case.Reasons to Consult an Accident Attorney. Consider hiring an accident attorney if any of the following apply to you. Auto Accident Injuries. Severe Injuries. Generally, the severity of your personal injuries is measured by the: Type of injury (or injuries) you’ve sustained. Length of time it takes (or will take) for you to recover.Car Accident Lawyer in Atlanta No one wants to find themselves the victim of a car accident-but it happens to the best of us. The aftermath of an accident in Atlanta can involve thousands of dollars in medical bills and vehicle repairs, physical pain and discomfort, missed wages from taking time off work, and sometimes, injuries that don’t get better.Fotis Dulos’ attorney, Norm Pattis. surveillance video at a russell speeders car wash allegedly shows Fotis Dulos inside.

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